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Who are we?

A Pathway From Grief is a not-for-profit organization. We support women of color mothers aged nineteen through thirty-seven in underserved and underprivileged communities. We focus on eliminating the emotional distress of grief related to the loss of their child(ren) and the challenges of limited parenting skills that can cause emotional, mental, and physical abuse and premature deaths in the community of colored children. We help children emotionally process the loss of their parent with education and coping skills while exploring their self-identity and understanding that the loss does not solely define their sense of self.

What we do.

We introduce children and mothers to a proven, radical, releasing practice that will take them from grief to gratitude for the life and death of their loved ones. We help them move through their grief journey, successfully releasing their emotions of anger, confusion, hurt, guilt, and unforgiveness, and make meaning of the death. We align them to a roadmap that redirects them to a place of acceptance, peace, and gratitude as they honor, respect, and remember the life they shared with their child and/or parent.


On the journey of parenting enhancement, we highlight the experiences of slavery and our current progression. We explore the robust and silent force of communication in these communities, homes, teachings, and discipline.


We engage, empower, and equip mothers with tools, skills, and techniques as they connect with their inner spirit. We enhance their confidence to restore personal and family core values as they support their children's growth and development by understanding the power of words in communication.


Ultimately, renewing their inspiration will create pathways away from their grief, contributing to the fulfillment of embracing new visions, hopes, and dreams of living a purposeful life for themselves and their families.

While the above creates a special space for mothers, children are introduce to skills, strategies, and techniques that will continually build them up emotionally and mentally.


A Pathway From Grief is committed to implementing mindset, communication, confidence, skill sets, and transparency as powerful tools for women of color in underserved and underprivileged mothers to overcome the grief of losing their young child(ren) and enhancing their limited parenting skills.
Our unique strategy in guiding childen away from their grief allows them to make meaning of the death and build their lives on a confident, and strong foundation. 

Leaning Against the Wall
Models with Fur Coats


A Pathway From Grief aim to dismantle historic, grievous mindsets in women of color mothers that expand from slavery by creating pathways that will restore personal and family core values in the household to end mothers’ grief after child loss and implement preventive measures to stop child abuse and neglect.

Through this healing journey, we will expand their parenting toolkit to create, encourage, and foster a safe home environment free of emotional, mental, and physical abuse with their remaining children.

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