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Who are we?

Welcome to "A Pathway From Grief." A not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting women, with a focus on mothers of color in underserved and underprivileged communities. Our mission is to lessen the emotional pain that accompanies the loss of a loved one or child. We also strive to address the challenges associated with limited parenting skills, which can contribute to emotional, mental, and physical struggles and, sadly, even premature deaths among children. We are committed to providing resources and assistance to help individuals navigate grief and build stronger, healthier families.

What we do.

We collaborate with communities, corporations, and organizations that sponsor referred clients to A Pathway From Grief Coaching Services. We focus on introducing women, with an emphasis on mothers to a proven, unique practice that guides them from grief to gratitude for the lives and legacies of their loved ones.  


We aim to support them through the grieving process, helping them release emotions like anger, confusion, hurt, guilt, and unforgiveness. We assist them in making meaning of the loss, guiding them on a path toward acceptance, peace, and gratitude as they honor, respect, and remember the life shared with their loved ones and children.

In our journey of enhancing parenting skills, we shed light on the historical experiences of slavery and its impact on our lives today. We also explore communication's influential but often overlooked role in communities, homes, teachings, and discipline.

We actively engage, empower, and equip these women with tools, skills, and techniques to connect with their inner spirit. Boosting confidence, we support them in restoring personal and family core values and fostering their children's growth and development. Recognizing the impact and power of words in communication is a crucial aspect of this journey.

Ultimately, we aim to renew inspiration, paving the way for them to move beyond grief. This contributes to embracing new visions, hopes, and dreams, leading to a purposeful life for themselves and their families.


A Pathway From Grief empowers mothers and women of color in resource-limited communities through compassionate grief coaching. We strengthen coping mechanisms, parenting skills, and overall well-being with open communication, transformative mindset shifts, and practical skill development. By connecting women to their inner spirit, fostering confidence, and reducing household child abuse, we initiate positive change, supporting our clients on their journey to healing and rediscovery.

Leaning Against the Wall
Models with Fur Coats


A Pathway From Grief envisions breaking down deep-seated, painful mindsets in women of color rooted in historical experiences from slavery. We bring a fresh perspective to understanding and managing grief, aiming to put an end to the sorrow experienced by mothers after losing a child(ren).

Together, we explore paths that lead to restoring personal and family values. Through this healing journey, we strive to expand their parenting toolkit, incorporating preventive measures and violence prevention strategies to safeguard against child abuse and neglect. Our goal is to create, encourage, and foster safer home environments that are free from emotional, mental, and physical abuse, benefiting both their lives and the well-being of their remaining children.

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